Got Hounds? Share them!!!!

OMG!!!!! His wrinkles are adorable!
He has the cutest expression on his face! Still trying to get some pictures of my catahoula, I'm an e-tard so I have issues with technology!

This is my dachshund....she just passed away a month ago at the age of 16.5 years....I miss her terribly!!!!!
She was such a good mom to anything and had puppies in her life!!

My three dachshunds....Makenzy at the top, then Madison and then my long hair Zack
Thank you Lissy!!! I miss her like crazy!!!! She was my first four legged child.....she was blind and used to stand on my foot all the time so last summer I went and had her paw print tattooed on the top of my foot....I stuck her foot in an ink pad and put it on a piece of paper and took that with me, so its actually her print. I am a HUGE dachshund fan....I had two growing up.
AAAWWWW! That's so cool! I haven't lost my dog yet, he's a 7 yr old golden doodle, got him when I was in first or second grade, he still has a ways to go before he dies but I will miss him like crazy. Funny how animals can wiggle their way into your heart, and stay there!
At least she got to live a good life with you :] I hope my Angel boo boo gets to live that long with me. She's 7 years old now.. I'm pretty sure I have pictures of my other doxies somewhere >.>

Indy was adopted and was very thin at the time. I'm not sure what the shelter was feeding him but they said he was new so
My dad was the one that saw him and told my mom and I about it. Indy is the one on the right btw.

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