Got My Autumn Special From Sandhill Today

Sugar Sand Farm

12 Years
Apr 24, 2007
North Florida
We decided to order the autumn chicken special from Sandhill. It was 25 chickens for 22.50 plus shipping. They arrived this morning all healthy and safe. She sent us some really interesting breeds. We got 5 black leghorns 5 cuckoo marans, 3 creveoceurs, 5 exchequer leghorns, 5 blue jersey giants,and 5 millefleur leghorns.
It should be interesting to see them grow as we only have the giants currently. Can't find any pictures of millefleur leghorns though, anybody have any I could see. Sandhill has some beautiful chicks, they are one of the only places I order from.
Are you happy with what you received? I want the giants!

Ya know, I have visited their website several times. I am impressed with their mission, so to speak. I was too late to order from them this year, as I wanted specific breeds. I do plan to order from them next spring. Actually, I have my order filled out. I should go ahead and mail it, before I decide to order more!
Wow, wish I had known about that special, that's some deal! scbirdfarm has some mille fleur leghorns, do a search for him in the hatching eggs forum and you should see pics of them.
I received my assortment last week. A friend and I went in together and ordered the 50 chick assortment, 25 hatch special, 25 bantam special, and a 25 farmyard assortment. We have received everything but the farmyard assortment which will come in this week. Great chicks! Lots of nice rare breeds in the assortment. We received Millefleure, Black, and Red Leghorns, Blue Jersey giants, and blue, black crested white, and buff laced polish just to name a few in the large breed chicks. The bantams consisted mainly of footed chick breeds, and the hatch special was guineas and more bantams. Really pleased with ours too! Amy

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