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Got my chicks today!!!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by SSTupperware, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]Well I got my chicks today... wife was a lil hestiant til she wiped poop of her but all crusted up... and that was the end of it... I missed out on the Areuricanas , I wanted a green layer, but I'll find one... I did get 2 RIR and a Barred Rock. The RIR are a week older, but they seem to get along fine, no fighting or nothing. It is funny when a moth or bug flies under the light, they go nuts... It's the crazyiest ting I've seen. They seem healthy and happy, so all is good. They will sit in my hand for a lil before jumping off. I'm sure I will have plenty of Questions, but I got medicated chick feed, and a 3 pack deal of save a chick, Should I give this to them if there doin well, I guess I should it's vitamins , but I'll check back in the morn before I do...
    In my rush to get home from work I forget to get shavings, but they seem just fine in dried grass from the top of the compost pile. I'll post an update tomorrow... All is well in Orlando...

  2. TheRookie

    TheRookie Songster

    Aww congrats! They're cute:) The sav-a-chick, I would follow the directions on the pack but yea you could mix it with their water if you want. They will do great on whatever bedding you put down for them so thats really up to you.
  3. Thats good to hear... Lots O pine needles around this time of year...
  4. TheRookie

    TheRookie Songster

    I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with your new babies. Good luck. Feel free to post any more questions you have, that's what we're all here for. [​IMG]
  5. TinTennessee

    TinTennessee Songster

    Mar 25, 2012
    Springfield , TN.
    My Coop
    cut chicks.I just got mine yesterday. I'm really enjoying them so far. Their funny playing tag or chaseing each other to grab a special piece of food.
  6. There comical for sure... they are gettin settled in...

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