Got my first deformed egg today ???

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    well after reaching UNDER the coop to get Miss Bonnie's tiny little banty egg- DH went in the coop to look for more eggs and in the middle of all the girls was the weirdest egg we have gotten - it is more on the long side and smaller in width kinda like oblong I guess not the normal egg shape the shell is a strange dark brown color and it was still warm so had not been there long but looking at the egg it looks like it has scrathes all over it - most likely from the girls walking around it ( since none use a box ) - my question is - can you still eat eggs that are a bit on the weird side/size ? other than it being longer and mis-shaped it looks normal
    and since all the girls were hanging out in the coop because winds are gusting like 20-30 miles today I have no idea who layed it

  2. Redfeathers

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    I've read on here that the weird shaped eggs are fine to eat, it's normal for a new layer to lay odd shaped eggs.
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    we've gotten several deformed eggs from our old (now deceased) hens, and they all have been fine. we've eaten all of them and they are the same as the others on the inside. (kinda like "you can't judge a book [egg] by its cover [shell]) [​IMG]
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    We had several odd-eggs when our girls first began laying, we ate them and there was no difference in the flavor.


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    Quote:i agree. the other day we got a weird egg from one of our new girls. (some can look a bit freaky.)

    PS - sorry about the double post up there. i clicked it twice accidentally. [​IMG]
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