got my first eggs this morning,but there were six of them

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    May 25, 2010
    I found my pullets first eggs today. There were six eggs alll different size. I build them an coop with beautiful next box, but they decided to go and lay in a 5 gallon bucket that been layin in the yard for about 5 years or more silly girls. I was wonder can a egg goes bad if it outside for too long? also should i switch to layer feed becasue they have been on start pellet, or will they stop laying since day light hrs are getting lower. I live in west tn
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    An egg can go bad. It depends on how long it has been there, temperatures, and who knows what else. You can do the float test. As an egg gets older, the air sac gets bigger as the egg loses moisture. If an egg floats, it is fairly old and I would recommend tossing it. If it does not float, it is probably good, but I would crack it in a bowl by itself to check it out and make sure I cooked it pretty well just to be extra safe. Don't use it raw.

    Good question on the feed. I find that if they start laying before it gets too late in the fall, then the pullets pretty well keep laying all winter. They do need the extra calcium. If they are not laying they do not need the extra calcium. If some are laying, you can feed Layer and they should be OK. Another option is to keep them on Grower and provide oyster shell on the side. That way the ones that need it will take it and the ones that don't need it won't, or at least won't take as much.
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    My chickens were out free ranging most of the weekend and we just found some eggs in the back of an old shed they were hanging around. They were probably from this weekend, but there's no way to be sure. I put them in water and they sunk, so I kept them. I keep eggs on the counter in the kitchen and that's perfectly OK. These were just stored outside for a while. No harm done.
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    As long as the chickens weren't sitting on them--which I doubt since you have pullets--they would be just fine as long as the pail wasn't full of water. If you have any question try floating them in water, if they sink, they're probably fresh. If you still have doubts, crack them into a bowl before using and smell them. Even though we have a surplus of eggs every day, I hate to waste them so use every one--if their are doubts they get used in baking (cracked first though).

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