Got my first Midget White egg today


9 Years
Mar 17, 2010
Paso Robles, CA
This hen has been squatting for me for 2 weeks today she gave me an egg she's 23 or 24 weeks old what a good girl now if the young jake has a clue that I don't know I never seen any hanky panky going on they are all the same age.....I was hoping so I'll see how many I get in a week and try them in the incubator I can always hope.
Good for you!!!!!!!!!!! But you do know that upsets the whole ALBC laying schedule, you need to make sure they read that so they know what they are supposed to do. You can crack the eggs also and look for the "bullseye", the first few should be clears but once you start seeing fertile go for it.

I have always felt first year Toms are just to stupid to be good breeders. They would rather fight than breed.
I just wait until they grow up some before I put them in the breeding pens.

I want to see your table at Thanksgiving!!!

My family does not like home grown turkeys. They like that mushy meat of a butter ball. I told them I am cooking one of each.

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