Got my New Brinsea Incubator today!!!!


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Sep 25, 2010
I'm soo happy, I got my new incubator, I'm setting the temps right now.. came and the presetting was 110..LOL so i'm lowering it to 99.6 i'm excited.. its the Octagon 20 Eco ... so since i'm reading the manual and totally confused I have a question for anyone that has a similar model..

I put water in one of the water tubes like the manual said.. but how far do I open the vent? right now I have it half way open.. It doesn't have a humidity reader so I'm not too sure on the humidity inside the bator.. so I figured half way open would be fine..

I does say for hatching to add water to both water trays and have the vent 1/3 ways open.. so i have that already written down and etc..

but i'm excited to move my eggs from the Hova-bator to the new brinsea..

also the egg try is funky.. any thoughts.. cause i'm more worried that the eggs won't be held in place good enough with the tray it came with and the dividers..

EXCITED!!!! wooo..
I can't answer the humidity question because I bought the Advance (with auto-turner), EX models with the humidity pump, which takes care of all that for me. (I needed "Stupid Proof" equipment.)

However, I've loaded 3 (yes, *sigh* THREE) Octagon 20 Advance EX incubators now, and the egg tray works fine. I wasn't able to fill it with 24 eggs if I used the bumpers and wire holders, though - just 18 to 20 regular sized eggs.

The dividers (with the bumper inserts) hold the eggs very well for the Advance turner unit. They don't wobble at all, nor fall out when the turner has it turned pretty darned far. When loading one 'bator, I tried using just the foam bumpers without the metal dividers, and I just didn't feel the eggs were secure enough without those metal dividers.

Maybe when I've actually had a hatch in one (due in 4 days) I will be able to determine if I can load eggs without the wire dividers.

Oh, and I had the vent open half way and will open it further at lockdown.

Good luck! I'm starting to get excited about the upcoming first hatch in my Octagon 'bators!
okay.. I was worried about the egg bumpers.. I only got the medal ones with mine..since its not advanced..LOL I should have want with stupid proof too..

but its good to know they will hold the eggs fine.. another hr before I can set eggs then I know if the bator is set okay via temp..

I was thinking about buying a humidity reader you can stick inside reptile cages.. has anyone had any luck with those reading okay.. in an incubator setting? they're only like $10 so I wasn't sure..
I have one in my MiniAdvance - I actually do have two MiniAdvance 'bators without the humidity pump.

Here's the current status, with two eggs pipped (this is today, so I'm running back and forth to check pretty often).

Got the hygrometer at PetSmart, in the reptile department. Not a lot of room in the Mini models, but it's very useful!

Oh, and I didn't get the paper towel into the 'bator underneath the eggs before the pips started, so I'm kinda anxious about that. They'll have trouble standing on the slick plastic base, otherwise. Maybe once the first chick is out I'll QUICKLY do that job.

They pipped a day earlier than I expected....
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oo how cool.. can't wait to finally get my first pips..

cool.. I'll have to order one then.. we don't have petstores in my area closest one is 2hrs away.

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