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  1. s6bee

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    Jul 1, 2007
    Western, NY
    I picked up my new coop from my friend who got out of chickens, however, it came with a little broody bantam. She's from what I was told, pretty wild, roosting in trees etc.. My daughter said she didn't think she saw any eggs, but once she gets a little more comfy with us we'll double check. Problem is, I need her out so I can clean and dust the inside. I'm hoping to get my others incorporated out of the tractor to this. Hmm, won't be easy. I only have one run. I have to go make a temporary one for this girl but she's a flier I'm told so she'll need a roof to keep her in. Any ideas would be helpful for cleaning the run, and taming her!
    BTW, we named her Betty. SHe's a cute buff mutt bantam. I have standards so hopefully they will mix well.
  2. cherrychicken

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    Jul 7, 2008
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    be very gentle and talk to her in calm voice to make her as calm as possible. It may be helpful to cover her head with a peice of cloth so she cant see. Then move her to a quiet enviorment when you clean. try to clean as quickly as possibe as not to frighten her. lucky you im sure we'd all love to pics! hint hint wink wink
    ps i dont think mixing standards and bantams will be a problem

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  3. s6bee

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    Jul 1, 2007
    Western, NY
    If she's the wild one and my standards are tame, she may be the new hen to rule the roost! The coop is cute but small and needs paint. I will try and get a picture of her from the nest. I unfortunately will have to clip her wings since she used roost in trees. I just don't want to stress her out too much, but she was in the nest in the coop for the whole drive over on the back of the trailer so go figure. She may be OK with it all.

    Pics coming soon.
  4. dixygirl

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    May 14, 2008
    clip her wings before you take her out.

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