Got my starter flock of LF white Cornish.


5 Years
Jan 26, 2017
Dallas, TX
Along with my egg layers I've wanted to start up a small sustainable meat flock of LF white Cornish. I met an individual on line through FB that just happens to breed and show these birds. And he lives only an hour away fro me. I asked about selling some of the ones that didn't make his cut for breeding. He said he had several young culls and cast offs that were excellent birds but didn't have the strength in the areas he wanted to include in his program. His yard birds as he called them because they had free run of the yard. I'm excited. These 'yard birds' of his have had six years of intense selective breeding. They may not be show quality for him but they're far better than I could create in 60 years probably. The roo is a bit roughed up because being with other roos, they do what comes naturally - rough each other up but he is very robust. I'll take pics tomorrow. To late to take today.
This is awesome! Something that don't happen a lot... I love to hear there is another flock of Cornish and new Cornish breeder.... Congrats on the birds. You know pix are almost required right?
A little worse for wear but they'll be looking better after molt.
They do look great, wonderful to hear and see! Where is it that you live? I got a small clutch (3) of LF WC as well, chicks about 3 weeks old now. Like FD said, it's great to see this breed is spreading!!
The pullets look to have been breeding. Mine look a bit rough now too. I'd hatch every egg that hit the ground... by fall you'll be able to fill your freezer and keep the best as breeders! Cornish need to be a bit older to evaluate proper. White Cornish are also very sensitive to mites and skin irritations. Some will pull the feathers under their wings and on their sides for no apparent reason. A good dusting with sevin makes a difference about half the time. Some stay that way all summer until they molt. I look forward to hearing your progress!
I am thinking about forcing a molt to get them serious about laying again. The only thing that is stopping me is that we are moving into the HOT part of our summer for the next 3 months. A lot of heat stress.
I'd say they will quit laying for a couple weeks anyway. But once they get settled in and feel'n at home, they may lay some more this year. But by August mine are always all but done. The feritility crashes about the time the weather gets good and hot too. That's with both white and darks.... Seems the roosters lose interest and get lazy when summer gets serious. Then the hens do too....
I know this is kind of an older post, but would anyone happen to have any chicks or hatching eggs for sell? I'm really trying to find some, just really hard to come by.

LF White Cornish or Black are very hard to find, might I suggest Facebook on one of the Cornish boards. The other colors can be readily found but if it White or Black Cornish stock be willing to wait for, I'm waiting on White LF Cornish myself....

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