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    Mar 17, 2011
    I got new babies from Chicken Scratch Poultry on Friday and they are doing wonderful. We went and picked them up. I was just going to get 2-4 Amerucana's(sp) since we are getting 4 marans from them in May but ended up getting 2 2-3 week old lavendar op's(lucy and ethel) they are so pretty and 4 amerucana's one black(rio)/2 blue(thelma/louise/1 splash(splash) and two rumpless(spot/freckles) for a total of 8 and 3 were packing peanuts and she let my daughter pick the packing peanuts so she picked the 2 rumpless and the splash so my flock total is now up to 30 with ages from a almost a week to 6 weeks old and hopefully the weather will behave long enough this weekend to get at least the coop built the big girls are starting to be a little impatient. I'm goiing to try to get pics of them we've been having lots of rains and gusty winds and it rattles the roof on the shop and freaks everyone out just about the time i want to take the pic.

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    Looking forward to pics ! [​IMG]

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