Got new babies :-)


8 Years
Apr 27, 2011
NW Missouri
I did a trade today, I had 6 cornish X chicks that my wife would not let me kill lol, so I traded them for 3 turkeys, they were Black Spanish with a possibility of a cross with a royal palm as she had others that were bred by her Spanish tom that was not supposed to be able to get to the hens lol.

They are only 5 days old so tiny

Here are a couple pics, I will take better ones when they get settled in a bit


Poults are adorable. They don't look like black spanish, though.
Look like bronze turkeys. If these are from the turkeys they are supposed to be from, it would mean that the black carried a recessive bronze-based gene. Then, when crossed with a royal palm, some of the poults would have a bronze-based gene and a black-winged bronze based gene, but no black. Some of her poults would have had a black based gene, which is dominant, but apparently you didn't get any of those poults. Your poults should also be carrying recessive palm and Narragansett genes as well, so any hen poults you have will look like Narragansetts, while the toms should look like bronzes. Unless her spanish, which obviously was not pure, also carried a Narragansett gene, in which case your toms could also end up looking like Narragansetts. Whoo!
You should be able to start to tell the differences between the bronzes and narragansetts between 3 and 5 weeks.
You know I thought the same thing, when looking at pics of black Spanish they are mostly black with a little light color spotting or heads but these guys are all kinds of crazy browns, tans, blacks, and whites. I guess time will tell, I cant wait till they get a little older so I can see

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