got new chicks!


12 Years
Oct 2, 2007
Lincoln, Illinois
Ok, got these new chicks and I am having fun guessing what they are!I ordered the straight run assortment and I know I have 2 silver lace wyandettes (I did order them) and the saddest looking chick.. a turken!!! (It was a suprise!)I wonder if anyone would like to help me guess!!!


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It looks like you have quiet the mix there....Here are what I can identify..

Silver Spangled Hamburgs
Black Giant or Black Australorp
Rhode Island Red or Newhampshier red
Easter egger maybe
Barred rock maybe

I would need pics of individual groups of chicks that all look the same to be sure.
Good luck with them!
the one that I thought was a cochin is a salmon favorolle, it is buff colored and has 5 toes and feather legs. I have a few more that have feathered legs that might be brahmas, I do have some grown brahmas, buff and light. my rooster is elvis, and light brahma!!
the little silver ones, with black on their backs I am wondering.they are mostly silver, a bit of yellow, not much. clean legged.
I do have a bunch of barred rocks that are a month old now, in my kitchen! and a dominique rooster and a barred rock rooster. I thought one might be a barred rock too. and maybe a golden laced wyonadette
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The little silver ones with black on back are Silver Spangled Hamburgs!
Good Luck with the chicklins!

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