Got our Buff Orp... estimate age?

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  1. goodolsurvival1

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    Jan 26, 2015
    we stopped in at ruralking to get some feed and other stuff since it was on sale till they had the chicks in... well we also got lucky they had some chicks... and we were surprised to see buff orp (they had a small count of them), they also had rirs and rocks.... but we got our 6 buff orps and lets just say the workers need to be taught what straight run and pullets are lol... it took a bit but we learned they were all suppose to be "layers" (i guess pullet is a foreign word lol) and supposedly 1 in x amount of chance of a rooster being in there... so hopefully we have all hens but if we happen to have a rooster hopefully it isnt a constant crower this way can keep it without cull it out and maybe getting some fertilized eggs that are brooded or can hatch.

    the only thing we do not know is their age no one could tell us that... so is there a way to estimate by the pics can anyone kinda throw out an estimate there? I know by the time they start getting their feathers can estimate their age easier then, just through it would be nice to know so we can keep track of their progress etc.

    [​IMG] all 6 [​IMG] one of the chicks

    we have a tinkerbell, jinxie, anna, elsa, olaf, and chickie lol... all named by an 8,4, and 2 yr old...

    i can say very glad that got some tips for taming chicks on here that they pretty much walk into our hands the 2yr old he watched us a few times put his hand down it it walked right up he was very gentle with it till it stretched its wings and he got scared and actually cupped it gentle cuz he thought he would drop it (it never left 2cm from the bedding in his hand lol)... lets just say at ruralking they just grab them and they run around trying to get away not once have they dont that for us. we also have one that we are told by the girls is jinxie but she has been testing the water by having a pecking habit if your hand is close so its been taking some correcting like the tips given on that, shes a little stubborn but will keep working with her so its not a habit when she is bigger.

    right now at their size how long do you allow them to be out bonding with you that is a safe time before they start to get to cold? we have only had them out for a minute or to till we know cuz we dont want to hurt them in any way.
  2. Michael OShay

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    May 14, 2014
    Those are very young Buff Orpington chicks; no more than a week old (perhaps a couple of days less).
  3. donrae

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    They're less than a week old.

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