Got our chicks! - Concerned about one....


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Yay! We got our chicks today!

4 Speckled Sussex - split them with our neighbor, they only wanted 2... (straight run, so we'll see what we get...)

Probably going in again this week to get more - depending on what breeds they get.

One looked like they had pasty butt, so I tried soaking its butt in warm water and slowly using a q-tip to rub the water around, and now it looks like the intestines are coming out!!! What is going on??? and what do we do? Is this grounds for a cull?

Thanks, I'll post pics of them once my camera battery charges up!!
OMG, pics are needed! We JUST, like 5 minutes ago, had to cull a 1 year old BR because it was prolapsing.
at first, it looked likeunabsorbed yolk, it turned out to be intestines. I STRONGLY suggest you post pics as soon as possible!
okay so here are some pics of my little babies:

my 3 speckled sussex - we're still hoping that the one we were worried about, makes it through the night. My neighbors (who also took 2 home) are watching it tonight....
I think poultryrox meant post photos of the little chick that looks like it's prolapsing, so we can help guess whether it's actually prolapsing or something else... they're very cute, though!
I had the same thing you are talking about happen to a little chickie of mine. Turned out to be just fine, I think it was in part to the fuzz-y butt not being so fuzzy any more. Make sure it doesn't paste up, keep it warm and be gentle. Hope it turns out alright for you also
ohhhhhh, okay, I was wondering exactly what they meant! Well, he is over at our neighbor's house right now, so we'll see if he makes it through the night and then I can go over and take pictures of him tomorrow. They have had plenty more experience with chickens then I have, so they are watching over him.

Thanks for the clarification!
JustAChickenLittle&More :

Poultry, tell me how to cull a chick. I've never done it, I hate to even think about doing it, but I have two that I am sure are going to need it.

Well, there are differant ways to do it. You could gas them, sharp scissors could be involved, however, I do not like that way. You could also use the hatchet, quick and painless if you hit the head right,although i do hope you won't need to cull at all. What is wrong with your chicks?​
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The one we were worried about did die last night....

The other 3 are doing great! Our neighbors 2 are doing really well too.

Probably stopping in at TSC to pick up more this week....

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