Got our ducklings!


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5 Years
Mar 29, 2014
Very excited. We got our first ducklings ever after reading up a lot on this site and on the Internet and talking extensively to the local farm store authorities. It seemed like forever, or at least a month from when we ordered them. We picked up two Pekin and two Khaki Campbell on Wednesday night. The farm store tried to talk us into a few Swedish Blue too they ordered as extra to meet the minimum order but we're starting with these four. Have a 85 gallon stock tank as a brooder that will become their pond in their run. After much consideration on what to use as a coop, I bought a resin shed and am going to build a run soon so we'll be ready when its time to go outside. Very excited again and thanks everyone for all the great advice on this site!

The first night they ate and drank and ate and drank and finally settled down to sleep.

The shed I bought and put together for when its time to move outside had a window at the very top so when putting it together, I just flipped that panel so it could become a duck door.


Have you read the Sticky on Raising Ducklings? Do you have Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks? Very happy for you! Please stay in touch.

I did want to also ask - Is there ventilation on the shed? You probably plan to install that - I just had to mention it. Sometimes new duck folks will miss a detail or two, so I would rather ask now than deal with problems later.
Thanks! Yes, I've read the stickies. Thought about buying the Storey's book but haven't got around to it. There are two vents on the shed. One near the peak above the side "human" door and one on the opposite side midway up the wall. But I was thinking about adding two more. I read one guy did the same thing with this shed and ordered a couple of extra vents to make sure it had enough breathing room for his chickens. This was on the reviews on the store site that I bought it from. Anyway, thanks for the welcome. Will stay in touch and looking forward to this. I think I am more excited for when they're grown than the rest of the family. In the meantime, we're giving them plenty of attention and socializing them as much as possible. My daughter carries them around the house wrapped in my wife's good towels! Ha.

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