Got some new chicks today!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by howfunkyisurchicken, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. howfunkyisurchicken

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    Apr 11, 2011
    I met a very nice lady with an incubator through a Craigslist ad. I gave her some of my Cochin eggs to hatch, and we agreed we'd split whatever the end result was. I had completely forgotten about those eggs. She called me yesterday and said 12 adorable babies had arrived, so I went and picked out 6 of them. I got 5 Cochin cuties and an oopsie. They're SO CUTE AND FLUFFY! Here's a quick pic I snapped after I put them in the brooder. Can you spot the oopsie? :D

  2. aww even though he/she is an oopsie still adorable!!!

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