got some questions about Abyssinian cats PICS added!!


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i have an offer for 2 males and an unrelated female Abyssinian cats. i can't copy the pics to post due to how they r formatted but they r gorgous kitties that look like wild Cougars almost.
the males r litter mates 6mths old and ruddy colored and the female is silver all r purebreds. i'm debateing on getting the female and a male from the breeder, due to health issues she has she can't keep them. they r free to good home and litter trained and have their kitten shots. they were raised with a child, parrot and other kitties. the boys r the last 2 kittens from her 2 litters(10 kitties) and she is getting out of breeding them and just wants homes for them. the female she got to use for a breeder but now that she is getting out of them she just wants a home for her also.

my question is has anyone heard of this breed or do u have one and if so i'd love to hear more about them. i've been researching the breed online alot but i'd like to know what others think of them as well and their experiences with this breed as well as any other info u can give me on them. i'm waiting to find out if we can go meet them tomarrow, i'm excited to see them in person!!
so my other question is should i go for it or is this a once in a lifetime chance to get this kind of cats? surpriseingly my hubby said go for it.

thanks for any help,
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All I know they are beautiful cats!

If you got the time, space and some $$$ you can make the cats a wonderful home to stay in. As for the males, I would say keep one or keep some separate if they are papered.
im personally not big on abbys, tho i have seen some nice ones before. but the vast majority of the ones ive worked with have been devilish, and only friendly on their terms, which is rare.
i was thinking either just the female or a pair. 3 would be to many so one male she'd have to find a home for still if we took the pair. abby's are pretty rare here, as pets even they go quite costly around me. u usually see bangels, Himalayans, siamease and such not them. they r raised as family pets together inside with doll face Himalayans. the doll face kitten she has for sale is cfa registered. i'd imagine they have papers also but since they r free i don't expect them to come with papers so i never asked her about those.

the only thing negative maybe i saw so far is the female is kinda on the scared side. loves being petted but not held it's why i wanted to meet them in person first before i make a decission for sure. the boys her 6 year old grandson carries them everywhere so they r more outgoing than she is. i don't like that devilish word thats kinda what i was wanting to know. i love siamease cats but i don't like that devilish prissiness attitude they have so i was wondering how this breed was when it came to that i'm hopeing to stay away from breeds that tend to be like that.
You have to have a high threshold for chaos. Unfortunately the two households I've known that've owned Abys have *not*, and EVERYONE (especially the cats) ended up really, really unhappy out of it

They are quite active. They are quite 'busy', getting into things and going places and disassembling things and making a general wreck of the house. The ones I have known are not lap cats and were interested in human contact only on THEIR terms and schedule, which tended to involve not wanting to be picked up when you wanted to pick them up, but wanting to sit on your head when you are trying to cook dinner or take a bath.

The ones I knew were also rather 'sensitive souls', it seemed, and were more upset by their owners' reactions to their behavior than a plain-vanilla cat would typically be.

They ARE extremely beautiful. And if you like their personality (not in theory, but from actual experience) then they are great.

But they are sooooo not cats for everyone.

At a minimum, you really need to go meet them a few times and spend some reasonable amount of time with them before committing. The ones I knew did NOT deal well with not fitting in, but one sulked himself almost to death when rehomed to an actual *appropriate* home

Good luck,

Yes, these are very busy animals! The person I know who has them even built "cat walks" around the perimeter of the house (on the INSIDE), like an extensive shelf system, for them to climb and prowl around on. She always had some story of their latest escapades and challanges!
They sure are BEAUTIFUL!
we went to see the kittens today and spent a few hours at the breeders playing with them and all the other kitties. we had loads of fun and they were all gorgous cats.
she had abby's, bangels, Himalayans and one breed i didn't know can't remember now what she said.

the breeder was very nice, answered all our questions and more. she loved that we wanted to play and spend time with them and get to know them some before we decided for sure to get them or not. we did decide to get the female and the smaller male. they came with shot records but not their cfa or tica papers which i did not expect and i just didn't have that kind of money to pay for the paper work, i'm just thrilled to have them they r wonderful and beautiful so i'm happy to just have them as pets to love and spoil.

xena is the female and she is fawn colored but the breeder said she believed she was silver colored although her shot record says fawn. she was born in jan. her is my new little princess hideing under my kitchen table after we first brought her home. she is very shy but otherwise is a sweetheart.


this is ruddy our new little man. he loves to play, be held and is a very affectionate love bug. he was born in march my flash is to bright so will have to take better pics later so they have their eyes open. and ruddy is well ruddy colored,lol.


this is ruddy's brother that we didn't take so u can see a better pic. ruddy looks identical to his brother except he is smaller, gives kisses and is more loveing and out going.

Well I am an owner of Siamese cats and I would not have it any other way except for Siamese cats if there were any cats in the household.

YOu got some beautiful Abyssinians and they look sweet!
if she was only closer i'd go back and get his brother for her.
he was a sweatheart too it was so very hard to decide which boy to get. i'd of taken him home in a heartbeat also if i had more room.

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