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  1. BLUE Muscovies, that is!

    I had 4/29 marked on the two remaining 'scovy eggs (the other seven never developed) so you can imagine my surprise/horror/amazement when one started to pip on Friday (the 23rd!)

    The second one started on Saturday night & both of them FINALLY hatched yesterday, about 11am. And they are GORGEOUS!

    They were marketed as Lilac Blue Muscovies & they are a deep greyish-blue with black bills & feet. They both have tiny yellowish chest markings, though. [​IMG]

    And it looks like I may have a male & a female--how lucky would that be??!?? One is bigger than the other, longer bodied, bigger feet & a longer bill....[​IMG]
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    Where are the pictures?
  3. I'll get some in the next day or two....we don't have internet at home, so I have to download the pics onto a cd & then bring them into work. So its' a process in itself! LOL But geez, are they CUTE! LOL And already imprinted to me. I feel bad when I need to leave for work & they PEEEP as loudly as they can. I peeked in the window on the way out this morning & saw them stretched as tall as they could go, necks out-stretched, peeping, LOL Poor things!

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