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    My DD called last night to tell me how she did at Dixie Nationals (for all non quarter horse people its a huge quarter hose show in Mississippi). She hasn't shown in 6 years due to college and getting married. She only showed in 2 classes, Novice Amateur hunter under saddle and Amateur hunter under saddle. She was top 5 in the novice class out of 27 horses, winning under 1 judge and top 10 in the amateur class out of 13 horses, which included 2 world champions and several congress winners. I'm so proud of her and her horse Better Be Dynamic. It's even better that she did 99% of the training.

    Here's a picture of DD and Mickey (Better Be Dynamic) as a 3 year old he's 10 now. He's grown a little since this picture. He's now 16.1.

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    Beautiful You need to brag that is a huge accomplishment I bred Qtrs and Paints for 20 yrs and I miss it alot 1 of my Paints thank god only a two yr old and about 1000lbs fell on me and shatered my pelvis so I gave them up as my DH doesnt do horses your guy is so beautiful and obv well mannered and trained your DD has talent Brag on!!
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    Congratulations to DD, Mickey and proud parent!! [​IMG]

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