Got to put on my veterinarian hat yesterday

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by TerriLaChicks, Sep 16, 2010.

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    They talk about curiosity & cats, but cats have nothing on these young peacocks!

    I got to put on my veterinary hat yesterday. I went out yesterday evening to give the peas their evening treat (spiral pasta) & the largest one, Jabba, was hunched up in a corner with his eyes closed. I thought "O NO!" & walked over & picked him up. There was a piece of flight netting protruding from his beak.

    I started to pull it & nothing happened, I opened his beak wider & saw it was wrapped around his tongue-- hooked up around the back of it.

    Jim (my husband) had come outside & I called him to come help. He came over & held Jabba & tipped him back so I could see down into his throat.

    I pulled & pulled -- and pulled. I pulled out almost 6 inches of flight netting from down his throat! finally I pulled out a gob of grass & slime tangled in netting.

    How he found it I'll never know, I looked all over that coop and run and couldn't find any more like it - unless he flew up & clung to the top of the cage & somehow got it there. It must have been a stray piece that had blown into a clump of grass is all I can figure.

    We set him down & he immediately shook himself off & walked over & got a drink of water & then started to eat.
    I imagine his little throat was probably sore though!

    Jim said, " Well.....that was definitely the "gross" highlight of my day" and I agreed.

    Is there anything else I ought to do for him, do you think? he seemed to be perfectly fine this morning.
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    I don't know if there is anything else you should do for him, hopefully someone will advise. . .might want to watch him just in case of infection from where it had to have scratched his throat . . .poor fella, you know he had to feel really bad!!! Isn't it just amazing how we are sort of "led" to where one of our critters are having an issue . . .I lost a gorgeous male Alpaca this June and I knew when I didn't see him standing at the barn door looking out, something was "off" and sure enough, went out and found him dead in the stall . . . glad your story turned out with a gross (Ha!!) happy ending!!!
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    I think you did pretty good and probably saved its life [​IMG] .

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