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    My little Bantam Cornish hen ,Cornelia has some age to her, but she's been laying very well. I noticed her trying to lay an egg, so I waited around to collect it. When I saw the egg I also noticed it looked like she had prolapsed. On closer inspection part of the inner end intestines hooked to the vent had a good size hole in it. Waste was trying to come out that hole.... So I grabbed her up and took her into the house, placed down the puppy pad, towel, iodine, wound wash, hemroid cream, soluble sutures, ( that thanks to these situations I keep on hand now...). Wrapped her up, cleaned it out, stitched her up and applied wash and iodine and H cream. Then I gave her some Amoxicillian to fight infection.... She seemed in good spirits and when i put her back she happily ate and drank. I took out Cornelius, and put him in the cage beside her. I think he tried to breed her while she was laying and put the hole in her....... fingers crossed she stays good.
    I should have been a vet......[​IMG]
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    Wow. Yes, you should have [​IMG]
    Hope all will be well!
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    You should have been a vet...I totally agree!
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    May 23, 2010
    I could have used your help earlier today. Could have saved me an expensive vet bill. [​IMG]
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    Hope she heals quick.
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    May 22, 2010
    Glad u caught it in time. Sending payers for healing blessings. [​IMG]
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    I still get a good laugh from my non-BYC-lover friends about using Prep-H and honey and poking back in a prolapsed vent on one of my girls last year. Good luck with yours!

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