Got us some young ones

Crow-ded house

May 2, 2016
Bartlesville, OK
we had 12 chickens at first. First year all was great. This past Dec-Feb we lost all but 7 due to coyotes, racoon and an owl. So now free ranging will be a thing of the past as we are totally making a new coop and run. We also got 6 new babes from a feed store and they will be ready to go out same time new coop is ready.
Sadly, I had to do the same. As beautiful and nice as free ranging sounds, it just didn’t work for me as a result of less than considerate dog-owning neighbors, hawks & raccoons.
The older bigger ones are a rooster, 3 hens and two guineas. These guys are seperated from a small (bantam?) rooster and his small (bantam?) hens. The small bantams will share with the rabbit and the new chicks as they will not be much bigger.

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