gotta love the girls!


6 Years
Mar 16, 2013
my dad is one of those people that doesn't show affection towards animals openly. we have a small reptile rescue that I run and he enjoys calling everybody Larry. but I have caught him a few times looking into the cages of my snakes and calling them to the glass to say hello. we have a cat that he loves to death but doesn't admit to it. so when I got my girls I figured they would be the butt of the jokes. for weeks he said he wanted to see them on his plate. but after spending time with them while I was away he came up to me and said "Aly, these chickens are so interesting! I love how they hang out with the dog all day!" I just thought it was so cool that he admitted to liking the chickens. he goes out everyday and picks up bugs out of the grass to give them and is constantly out their with the two. he works on the coop, replaces food and water, or brings them "treats" that he finds in the grass like worms. I was just so impressed that those two little birds got through to him like that! My macho father who told the chickens they were ugly scrawny creatures the first day they came home has changed his outlook on my two girls in just a matter of weeks!

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