gotta see my new bun bun additions!! pics

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    we bred my son's black tort mini rex to our other son's broken castor mini rex and have 4 beautiful babies in the nest we r very excited about our new additions so i had to share,lol.[​IMG] this is them at 2 days old they r now 5 days old and doing great!!! [​IMG] i believe it is a black, black otter, ermine and a broken blue or black. we r excited to watch them grow and see how close we r on the color guesses.





    i also went to an auction a few weeks ago and rescued 2 english angoras from a live meat auction sale. [​IMG] so this is them, sorry the cell pics r not the greatest but this is cotton candy and skyler. forgive his shaved look he was a bad knot ball so i had to shave him down and let his wool grow back in since the ignorant people before me who had him neglected him. i just want to [​IMG] the people that used to own him to have left him totally unbrushed and uncared for. he is now knot free and loveing it!!![​IMG] so these r my new fluff balls.

    sklyer, i think he might be a chocolate

    and candy is a broken tort i believe. as u can tell she is in full wool that is how he is supost to look.

  2. Tartannik

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    Oh my goodness they are soooo cute!!!
  3. geebs

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    Whoa...there should have been a cuteness disclaimer here!!! [​IMG]
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    Candy is just so hideous that you need to get in the car and bring her to me [​IMG]
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    Quote:I see a black, a castor, and a broken black for sure. The last looks like a very lightly colored broken, probably a blue or opal. For it to be an ermine, you'd need an agouti gene (which the castor has), two non-extension genes (you have one from the tort for sure, the castor could be hiding one), a REW gene from one parent (which either could be hiding) and a chinchilla or siamese gene from the other (also possibly hiding on either side). Are there any chins, siamese or REW's in the background? Unless you have them on the pedigree, I'd consider an ermine possible, but pretty unlikely. Although I have seen stranger things pop up, seemingly out of the blue. I once owned a Siamese Sable Marten ND buck, that was born in a litter from an all-chestnut breeding program. The rabbit's pedigree didn't list a color, because the breeder didn't even know what to call it (he was like, "where in blue blazes did that come from?").

    I also see two very lucky and adorable fuzzballs. I had a broken English once, "Panda" looked a lot like your Candy. I had to keep her clipped most of the time, because I couldn't find the time to brush her every day, and she hated it when I hit a knot with the brush. A longtime English Angora breeder recently told me that he uses a blower on his rabbits, I wish I had known about that trick when I had Panda! I think we both would have been happier.

    Congrats on your new buns!
  6. therealsilkiechick

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    awe, thanks guys, i love them all!!! haha candy is hilarious first time i showed her to my friend karen she backed up said what heck is that thing she was horrified. her mouth dropped when she found out it was a rabbit. she was scared to death of her at first now she loves her and thinks she is the koolest thing ever it's funny.

    well i fineally got out to play with the babies today since i have been sick the last couple days. so now that they have more fur i can show ya new pics and tell ya i was wrong on some, rotfl but still it's neat to see them develope and change. they r growing like weeds already!! what color do u think the one is last pic below is gonna be? i don't have pedigrees for these 2 parents so i do not know their backgrounds.

    this one is definately a broken black

    this little one is a broken tri-color or a broken tort i think

    this one still looks black at the moment but that may change

    and this one has changed colors it is not black it is like a wild color/black fur now w/ white underside and white inside ears. this one may just be a castor not sure. some of these colors i've never had babies for so we r learning to tell the baby colors.
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  7. dbunni

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    Nov 15, 2009
    On the angoras ...

    Skyler ... does he have nose and eye rings? The pix looks to have nose rings?

    Candy ... too dark to be a broken tort ... broken chocolate more likely.

    Check for mites ... and treat accordingly. Many EAs I rescue have a bad case ... also a little NeutraCal for the Wool Block possibility. Their dietary requirements are quite different from the MRs. Good luck ...

    english are a bit of a challenge to color ID once they get older ... the lightened wool creates more fun. But then love has no color!

    Owner/Breeder of many EAs.

    Oh ... are either animals tattooed? Be curious where they started life. Especially being from our area. I have bets on the brokens original breeder!
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  8. hchorselover

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    Jul 29, 2010
    [​IMG] their so cute! I just love the black and white one [​IMG] it's so nice of you to save those bunnies! I don't understand how people could be so mean to such a cute little rabbits [​IMG]
  9. Wendy'sChicksRock

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    Aug 8, 2010
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    super cute. !!!!!! Do you know what or even if we should breed our caster boy to our broken black mini rex.? She has caster in her a few back. We were gonna breed the caster to our black but she is not staying with us, she has a new home.
  10. therealsilkiechick

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    Jul 18, 2007
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    skyler yes around nose it is a lighter ring around eyes not sure can't remember. he is like a blue but he has like a lighter chestnut ticking on his head then closer around his nose and eyes it is really the brown coloring. in pic it looks like he is over all a brownish color but his wool is not an over cast of brown it is blue to almost a light white in color. candy i don't know, she has like darker chestnut with ticking and dark blue spotting. neither have agouti ring bands though. i'd say if either were choc it would be him but if that is choc coloring it is way different choc color than my MR bunnies. i was going by what color my husband said she was but now that u mention it she doesn't look like any torts i have rotfl she is darker. they look way different color than the pics cuz they were cell phone pics without flash. i'll have to take better pics with my digital when i find it. no there was no mites or anything just they severly needed brushed. she took a few hours and about 2 days to brush where as he took 2.5 weeks and many hours every day also and poor guy still had to be sheered down cuz i just couldn't get the knots out. i have a wool block paste i bought at petco for them so i give them that. i can't remember the name of it now but they r only ones here who carry it. i have not noticed any tattoos but honestly i haven't looked for them either, i'd say no unless they had possible leg ones under wool hideing cuz i don't remember any ear ones. i'll check tomarrow for those to be sure.

    hchorselover, i agree i love him to pieces he will never have to go through that again. i can't believe how sweet he is and how someone could have done that to him it's just plain ignorant and so wrong. thankfully he has a loveing home now and is happy and healthy he truely deserves it after all he has been through.

    Wendy'sChicksRock, r u asking what colors will they throw? i always say with MR any color is possible ya never know what ur gonna get i always end up with at least one color surprise and i don't know much about color genetics yet i'm trying to learn been researching online about it. if u should breed is totally up to u that is only a question u can answer. the best i can tell u is u should get solids and brokens from them but someone who knows genetics could help u better with possabilities they could or should throw. alot of people will only breed like a black to a broken black but i don't have same # of colors in solids and brokens to do that. i chose to put these 2 together because i thought my buck had gone sterile, i wanted purebreds from him and was gonna retire him and my son wanted one last chance at babies from him to replace him. i had bred him to 2 does earlier this year and none of the breeding took so i put him with my MR doe who throughs the biggest litters and that's how i got these 4. i had to color cross in order to get babies from him to keep if i have same colors in solids/brokens then i'd rather personally breed same colors together but some r to young yet to breed or i don't have them in both. i knew i had to breed him to a solid since he has such little coloring to better his off springs. i'm in awe over the little broken black how nicely spotted it is cuz past MR/dutch and MR/H lop babies he has fathered in past that were broken were never that nicely spotted before. i'm hopeing the lightly broken one ends up haveing more spotting as it gets bigger so far it looks like it may have less than dad does.

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