Gotta start up my incubator

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by giggleboxfarm, Oct 31, 2011.

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    Apr 29, 2011
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    I simply must. We hatched several chicks from our easter in the spring, the roo being who knows what - he's mostly barred though. We weren't sure what the eggs would look like out of those chicks since we have no idea what the dad is. Gave some to my sister and she just started getting the most beautiful green eggs. Much darker than the light light green of our easter's. Slightly brown. So now I really really NEED to hatch more of her eggs so I can have a bunch of eggs that color too. And if I do it now, I'll get them in the summer... and I'm ever so short on patience [​IMG] I still have a couple chicks out of her here, but mine haven't started laying yet, the rotten things.
    PLUS, I got a new incubator.. with turner, so I gotta try it out right? I know you guys understand [​IMG]
    oh AND we have an experiment because we ended up hatching some eggs a month ago and put the chicks in a large aquarium for awhile. They are very lovey little chicks. One jumped/flew/walked up my shirt to perch up on my shoulder. So we ponder if using the aquarium made the difference because they were in the living room watching us all day instead of in a "coffin" size tote on the floor in the kitchen. It is super fun having little guys following you around rather than running away.
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    Don't forget to post pics! [​IMG]
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    Go for it and now I'm going to have to get my aquarium in from outside and put my chicks in it. I hope you get a lot of chicks.
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    Clearly, hatching is required in your circumstance. Must obey chicken math rules. Besides, I heard it was illegal to unplug a Bator, and you have to plug it in to test it. Hatch on!:)

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