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10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
I was pretty ticked off at work today.
I had told my boss I was going to be late due to a Dr's appointment. They had no problem with that. I was only around 10 minutes late.

As I was walking in I was informed by a co-worker that pretty much everyone who was suppose to work today called in sick. was told they were pretty sure it was the "bottle flu"

There was just 3 of us working the main part of the store along with the owners.
What really ticked me off was the 2 other clerks were just standing at the register and just talking or texting. They only did 2 thing's that needed to be done while I tried to get the rest done.
Just drove me crazy over how lazy these people are.

I was at the till at one point and it was just 2 of us. I had 6 customers in line. I rang our bell twice. Waited over 4 minutes and rang it again. The other clerk did not show up. one of the ladies from the bakery who was no longer clocked in stepped up and opened another till and started checking customers through. One of the owners heard the bell and opened the other till.
Turns out the other clerk was out back smoking and texting on their phone.

I'm pretty much just getting used to just ignoring these lazies and getting the work done. It does still tick me off, but I'm not dwelling on it like I used to.

That is how I feel some days sfw2.

I was talking with one of the owners this week and they told me about a former clerk that would take 2 case's of canned goods and fill a space that would only hold a half case. Said it would look like everything was full when it was not.
I find where someone has stuffed the extra cans behind stuff like that. I just pull them and put them on the back shelf.

My biggest beef is just seeing them standing there doing nothing. I can always find stuff to do.
Oh well lazies will always be lazy.
What a long day.
3 called in sick again.

Really wished I could have gotten one clerk off the till to work the floor with me today instead of the other 3.
Bet we would have gotten a lot more done.

Got a chuckle tonight though. The light went out in the milk cooler and the clerk with me had no idea what to do. So I ended up changing the bulb before we left.
Almost blew up yesterday. I mean big time.
I held my temper and my tongue. I was so mad I almost told my co-workers exactly what I thought of them

Guess I am spoiled after having had worked with some many people in my life who did work and not stand around texting and smoking.
I did talk with the store manager after I had calmed down and they told me to talk to the owners which I did today. I was told I should have said since I was doing one thing maybe they could do another thing. I have tried that in the past and it doesn't work with these people. There is a list of what needs to be done every day. I was so busy yesterday I missed half my lunch hour. I got back and still nothing was done, then they wondered why I was ticked off.

I worked today with one co-worker and they wanted to know if they had done something to offend me. Told them I didn't want to talk about it. I'm still pretty ticked off and physically sore.

Really not looking forward to seeing the store on Thursday after I get back after being off for 2 days.
Txting at work should not be permitted.Like txting drivers I just don't understand why we put up with it. I have a special gift for any txting driver that hits me.

If there is a *suggestion box*,or if you feel comfortable talking to the bosses you might want to suggest that more work would get done if phone use during work was not permitted.Ofcourse if the bosses txt you might as well forget it!
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You cannot change other peoples actions. You can only change the way you react to them. If the owners know what is going on and do nothing to stop their employees from smoking and texting there is little to be gained by your anger. It only makes you feel bad. I would continue to do your job to the best of your ability and not worry about things you can't change.
Mattemma there is a sign up in the back that states that only personal calls during your break or lunch hour. No the owners do not text at all during the day. Emergency phone calls are allowed. Going to talk to them about that today.
Breaks are suppose to be 15 minutes, these people were taking 30 minutes to 45 minute breaks.
There is one clerk that stands near someone else who is working and when the owners walk by she immediately starts doing stuff so she looks busy while doing nothing. I don't think they are fooled.

I know nova022 it just really gets me. I try to not let it bother me I just had to vent, by doing that I feel better and I can now go forward and do my job and ignore the lazies. I had one co-worker who worked like crazy but they are on leave right and it drove them crazy too. We would vent to each other then joke about it and it relieved the stress for us.
The owners sound like idiots..they let their employees take advantage of them and the other good workers..
Noone would stay and keep being taken advantage of..the owners NEED to step up..or they'll keep loosing good people..

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