Gourmet, handmade soap for sale, WA State

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Apr 1, 2008
Pleasant Valley, (Okanogan) WA
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My Coop
I still have a few bars left! I'd like to get these moved out so I can start some new batches (new scents) next week!

I have ONE bar each of the following:

Cherry Almond This is one of my favorite scent combinations. The cherry and almond compliment each other perfectly. This bar lathers nicely and the scent has great staying power.

Baby Powder This one really does smell like baby powder.

Red Clover & Tea A sophisciated pairing of clover and tea--this soap is pretty strongly scented, with a long-lasting smell. Good lathering properties.

Sweet Pea A bold, spring-time scent, hard to describe...but still a lovely soap!

I have two bars of Patchouli left.
Our incredible patchouli soap is the ultimate bath time indulgence for patchouli lovers! Loaded with luxury ingredients, including hempseed oil.

Bars are $4.50 each or TWO for $8 for BYC members (until Friday, only). I DO combine shipping--it's $5 for priority for two bars.
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