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    We're now hearing how government is going after CEO's (a good thing) but looks like they need to go after themselves. Federally funded program to come up w/this conclusion....WOW

    The authors also found widespread homogeneity of chicken samples across chains. The chickens used were predominantly corn-fed.

    Wow, million spent to find out chickens were fed corn......oh yes, they also determined feeder cattle were fed corn. What's next, will we learn hogs are fed corn???? [​IMG]
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    It is about time on the over paid upper management. If the people that run the government had to pay into social security and it was their money they were spending maybe they'd think a little more on how it was spent.
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    oh geez.... lol
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    Nov 20, 2007
    To be fair there was much more concluded from that study than the fact that feedlot animals/factory farmed animals are fed almost entirely corn, the real conclusion was that the meat from these animals is mostly devoid of the nutrients that is normally found in that particular meat, and also that because these animals diets are primarily corn, they're suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and so they consume large quantities of their own feces in attempt to get the nutrients their bodies are needing. I would imagine there will be a follow-up study to see if the large quantity of feces consumed by these animals has any ill effect on the meat itself.
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    Quote:Amazing breakthrough, isn't it? *gag* [​IMG]

    I just this week had a discussion with my director about CAFO's. He had a copy of Progressive Dairymen and it showed a dry lot on the cover. He handed it to me, a small farm agent and his secretary and asked what was wrong with the picture. I said..."everything." (That's not what he had in mind.) We progressed into a conversation about terminology and CAFO's. His own secretary...the Extension Agriculture department secretary here...didn't know, for example, that dry lot cows NEVER GET TO GO OUTSIDE. That you can say "cage-free" if you have a building crammed with 10,000 birds all standing on their own excrement but they have a door they could go out of. I recommended she read Barbara Kingsolver's book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.

    Somebody get me down from this soapbox, please.
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    OK, I'll get back up on your soapbox for you.

    Our government has got to stop spending.
    Our kids will have a third world standard of living soon.

    Course I was the one who said perhaps all of us going back to an Amish economy would be a good thing... but we'd really have to start breeding horses and growing hay.
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    Feb 24, 2008
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    Quote:Where can I find a copy of this study?
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    Thanks for sitting the soapbox for me. You're swell.

    I don't know that it's a step "back" to an Amish-type economy that needs to be made exactly. Yes, I agree...a more community-centric and self-sufficiency oriented way of life is definitely a must. I typically swing in any given week (depending on my work day usually) from siding with the survivalist/anarchist camp to hoping that something more human can evolve from where we are now. One thing's for sure...corporate thieves need to be hanged or at least pilloried.

    Anyone here read World Made By Hands or any of Howard Kunstler's other books about post-peak-dom?

    ps...Nephi rocks but Mahonri TOTALLY "rocks." That's my very favorite story simply because he's asked 'what do you want me to do - just tell me' Isn't that great???

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