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    Oct 9, 2008
    Our girl is due mid to late November and already looks like she is going to explode. Both parents are purebred and are on site, pics can be provided and you are welcome to meet them. They are great alarm dogs. The litter will not be papered.

    If you have no experience with Pyrenees, be advised that they are hairy, they shed, they BARK ... a lot, but they are very good guardians of your property and your animals. They often do not get along with dogs they are not familiar with and don't take kindly to intrusions into their territory. A properly trained LG is your best defense against predators, including coyotes and stray dogs! GP need to be taught boundaries or they will create their own. If not contained to their own property, they may continue chasing an intruder long after it has left the property, good fences are best. These dogs work great in pairs.

    We are currently taking names for a waiting list. Deposits will be taken from those still wishing to reserve a puppy after the litter is born. Puppies will be wormed and have their first shots before they go to their new homes at 8 weeks.

    We are asking $250 a piece. A 50% deposit will be asked after they are born to hold your place on the pick list.

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