GP needs adoption....


8 Years
Mar 14, 2011
New England
I hope this is ok to post here!


This girl was a rescue from TN who is currently in NJ. Looks to be a Great Pyrenees or perhaps a GP mix? She's about a year old, weighs 66 lbs. and was raised as a pet on a farm. Her family moved and gave Rihanna to a shelter where she was rescued by an organization in NJ. If you'd like more info, please PM me. I'm not sure if they will adopt out of state, but if you're interested - please contact me and I'll find out for you. I'm inquiring if she's also good with children, cats or other dogs.

Thanks, Jim! I am on the site now and if I can figure out how this "chatlist" thing works, I'll post her!

I could try CL, too...but have spoken with too many wackadoos through there....

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