GQF 1202


14 Years
Oct 1, 2008
Northern Colorado
I found a GQF 1202 With Automatic turner, electronic thermostat, and hatching tray.. I do not have a photo and forgot to ask about the door if it has glass. He described it as being a laminated plywood, like formica. I dont really Need it, but would buy it if it is a good deal. what is a good deal on this thing. 200???
If it works well and is in decent shape then $200 would be a real deal..Often they go for $300 or a bit more..A friend of mine has had two 1202's for abut 25 years..A good bator'..
I just picked up the GQF 1202 He sold it to me for $175 and wants me to hatch a few BC Marans when mine get started laying. It was 1202 barely used, Hatching tray,no window, elec. therm 4 of the galvanized trays, one with cover, and six egg racks, those plastic deals. My BC will start laying in about 24 weeks and I will happily hatch a few for him when I do fertiiity test etc. Real nice guy just wanted someone to use it.

I think I did ok.

ARe the acrylic doors available for these? I know we dont really need to look but what the heck who doesnt like staring at eggs.
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The clear doors can be ordered from GQF in Ga. either off the website or you can call them and order one. They are around $58. well worth the money!

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