GQF cabinet incubators 1266 and 1270

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    I was recently given one each of the above incubators; the 1270 is set up as a hatcher. They have been barn-stored for years. I'm planning a thorough Clorox wash, but I also would like to know if there is a way to fumigate them so that the areas I can't reach are also sterilized. Any ideas?
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    Oct 16, 2008
    by fumigate I presume getting rid of all bacteria etc from every nook and crevice,,

    yours is a good question,,

    I googled fumigate and it told how to get rid of insects,,

    it would be an easy thing to do, if you could come up with some kind of toxin ..
    just put it in the cabinet and run the fan,,

    but I don't know what toxin or vapor would work, or how to make one ?

    I have 3 cabinets that really need cleaning and I would like an answer also..

    as far as just cleaning them,,

    I take mine outside and scrub what I can reach with soapy water and hi-lex..then I rinse them out with the water hose,,

    turn them toward the hot sun to dry and that is it ..

    I wait a day before I start to use them,, then I run them a day before I put any eggs into them,,..


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