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    I don't have any idea of age, but it's in GREAT shape, better than the one I'm keeping actually. It is an incubator only, no hatcher drawer and is similar to the 1400 models currently offered by GQF Manufacturing.

    I'm finding I prefer the separate incubator/hatcher. You pop up your humidity for the last 3 days of incubation and for hatching, but all eggs are exposed to that increase, not just the ones that are hatching. If you have a separate hatcher, you can change humidity without compromising the eggs that are still incubating. You can use something like a Hovabator 1588 for hatching quite easily with this unit or you can just turn off the turner and hatch in the bottom drawer.

    I bought this one to resell because I wanted the acrylic door on it. I'm going to lose money on it at this price, but since I have to use my incubator as a hatcher too, I want the acrylic door. The one I have for sale is an incubator only, it will work great with the solid door.

    I've had it running a few hours and it is holding temp PERFECTLY and the turner is working perfectly too. I'm located in Morrow, AR (72717).

    Remember, the door will be solid, same color as the incubator case, same size, perfectly matched. I'm hatching today, so I can't switch it out right now :) It will be done quickly, as soon as my hatch is done today or tomorrow.

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