GQF Sportsman Model 1502 Digital Egg Incubator.

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    May 24, 2010
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    This is the top of the line incubator from GQF with an onboard computer. It contains three automatically turned trays, plus has a hatching tray in the bottom of the incubator. Settings are rotated among the three turning trays so that the hatching tray can accept the eggs from one of the setting trays each cycle. Another option is to set all the trays at one time and at the end of incubation, shut off the turner and hatch in the setting trays.

    Also comes with:
    - 6 plastic chicken egg setting trays (45 egg capacity each).
    - 1 automatic humidity control water reserve
    - a few disposable paper egg trays for chickens and a few for quail eggs.

    Turned on once but never used. Bought brand new two months ago. Will ship but shipping looks like it will be about $100 depending on your location.

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