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    Jan 21, 2011
    I have a question for you Sportsman users, how do you control the humidity for the eggs you put in the hatching tray during lockdown? Do you just keep the bator at one humidity setting during the entire incubation period or just raise it for the couple days the eggs are hatching? Thanks!
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    Apr 20, 2007
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    I use a separate Sportsman hatcher myself so I went to the GQF site and found this in the cabinet instructions.

    IMPORTANT - Increase humidity for hatching by adding the
    second pan of water to the fan shelf or a humidity pad if
    using the 3030 tank. Lower the operating temperature one
    degree to 98-
    1/2oF. The hygrometer reading should come
    up to the 88
    o to 90o range when the extra pan is added.
    Close the vents slightly if necessary to increase hygrometer
    setting. When hatch is complete, return the incubator to
    the proper setting temperature and humidity.

    Note that the 88 to 90 in the above text is a wet bulb reading not a humidity percentage.
    A wet bulb reading of 88 to 90 in a 98.5 degree incubator corresponds to a humidity of about 66 to 70
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    I also use a separate hatcher so that I dont have to worry about adjusting humidity. Though i also have several batches going all at once and coming out at different times. My husband thought I was crazy to have a second incubator (first on is my Sportsman and the second is an older wooden model) but my hatch rate has been very nice :)

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