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    Jun 13, 2011
    Hurray! My babies are babies no longer! [​IMG]

    Yesterday afternoon my 14 Austrolorps, 10 Silkies and 13 Guineas--all fully feathered--FINALLY left their baby room and were placed in their brand new outdoor coop and run! We used all welded wire to keep out predators and the indoor part is a section of the barn that they'll have full run--minus the turkey territory-- by winter. Catching them and stuffing them into boxes to make the trip was stress for all of us but seeing my little ones almost all grown up, finally dustbathing, catching bugs and scratching in dirt, it was wonderful!

    I didn't take more than just a few first day pictures to minimize their stress but after I accumulate some I'll post them. I'm so nervous about their first night out! I'm off to the state fair in the morning--don't worry my very poultry-experienced uncle is farm-sitting--so I'm hoping they'll be happy and acclaimated by the time I come back. I did feel sorry for my one little injured keet who stayed behind to heal but as soon as she mends she'll be out too.

    I'm sad but mostly glad to have them out of the small space they were in while waiting on the coop. Happy dance!!

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    It's such a good feeling when you can let them out of their confined space and into a nice run. It's interesting to watch how much they change in appearance as they grow. I've got some "before and after" pictures on yesterday's blog at Enjoy yourself at the State Fair.
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