Grand Rapids / Rockford Michigan - Bantam Cochin Flock - Mottled, Red, Partridge, Birchen, Self-Blue

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    I would like to find these six gals a good loving home since I would like to start raising different birds for show. The Mottled is 6 months old, the Birchen is about 1 1/2 years old and the other four hens are 5 1/2 years old. They were laying about 3-4 eggs a day this summer but have now stopped since the days got longer and they started molting. I don't think the mottled is laying yet, but she should start laying either later this fall when she is old enough, or in the spring. The five older hens were broody at one time or another this summer and several have hatched chicks and call ducklings for me in the past so they would make excellent adoptive mothers. They are molting/replacing their old feathers right now so they are not in optimum plumage but usually they are all quite full and plush looking. Asking a $30 adoption fee for all six together. I am just northeast of Grand Rapids in the SW Rockford & Plainfield Township area. Please message me with interest.
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