Granddaughter Heartbroken *Update* We have a new chick


10 Years
Apr 8, 2009
Glocester, RI
We let our 3 chickie girls out this afternoon as usual and something got our Ameracauna, Snowflake. They were in the yard, and always forage right near the edge of the woods, but I think a hawk caught her before she could get under cover. The other 2 girls were so afraid to come out of the woods, I had to go in after them to put them back in their coop. Then they huddled together in the nest box cooing (Do chickens cry?). Anyway, my granddaughter was with me and is so upset that her favorite chicken, who was going to lay blue eggs for her, is dead. If anyone knows someone in the Rhode Island area that might have Ameracauna pullets at POL (white if at all possible) please PM me. I promised her I'd find her another chicken. Thanks for any help. Please let me know if this should have gone under another topic. Thanks.
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