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    May 9, 2011
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    I hope this is the correct place for this and please forgive me if it's not. [​IMG]

    My granddaughters took their chickies to the local nursing home today. Over 3 weeks ago they measured them for diapers. My granddaughter's little Buff Brahma Banty has grown quite a bit since then and I guess her diaper was fairly tight and then they really snugged it up on the back. Her little chick was hanging her head and panting really hard and hubby thought she was having a hard time breathing but the 4H leader said that she was just not used to it. Hubby ended up taking it off and then she was fine. Now our granddaughter doesn't want to go back to Chicken 4H.

    Do you think she (chick) was just reacting to not liking the diaper or do you think it was too tight and she was having a hard time breathing? Any ideas??
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    It sounds like a combination of stress / trauma, difficulty breathing in a hot diaper, and heat from all the warm hands. If my wife brings her gosling in to sit with her, she uses a peepad for dogs on her lap. Clean and not restricting plus the bird can get traction to stand to relieve some of the trauma

    Maybe the child will understand her baby was scared and too young and will do better when it's bigger like her
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    Hard to say. As long as a finger can be inserted between the strap and the chicken (even if it's snug), they should be OK, and they do have to be pretty snug, otherwise the chicken will get it's foot under it. The one I put diapers on did have a fit and acted like it was dying when I put it on her, even though it was so loose she just backed out of it. I thought she would NEVER quit running backwards and acting like she couldn't stand up or walk. No one tells you these things about those diapers unless some chickens really do just act like nothing is wrong the first time. Mine sure didn't!
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    Aug 16, 2010
    Sounds to me like the chicken was in distress - physical distress, not emotional. That 4H leader was wrong, and thank goodness your husband did the right thing. Since the chicken was fine afterwards, then that proves the point.

    I would wonder at the qualities of a person who can't tune in to an animal's distress. I think your granddaughter is right to be concerned about this person leading the 4H group. Unfortunately, your granddaughter will meet less than stellar adults in her life. If she is old enough, I would explain that to her. Tell her that sometimes people get into positions of power and they don't have the right stuff to do all aspects of their job well. 4H is such a great organization, I would hate for this experience to sour her.

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    May 9, 2011
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    I talked to hubby a little more and he said that "Minnie" was fine with the diaper at first and then my granddaughter came up to him and said "Papa...something is wrong with Minnie" and he felt that she was in distress. I think we have her talked into going back but she said she doesn't want to take Minnie back and I told her that she could take one of the other girls. She is such a little drama queen!!!

    Thank you for your opinions! [​IMG]
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    Jan 16, 2010
    Quote:Your granddaughter or Minnie? Sounds like they might rub off on each other. Maybe put the diaper on her at home for a little while, and see how she reacts, get her used to one new thing at a time. Can't hurt to try right?

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