grandkids 1st fresh chicken dinner


10 Years
May 24, 2009
Temperance, MI
My grandkids are 4, 2 1/2 and 11 months old. Their dad hunts and they eat a lot of deer. They have (had) 7 chickens.
A few weeks ago when we were over there I asked the 4yr what she was gonna do when the chickens got big. She then rubbed her tummy and said nummy nummy in my tummy We about laughed our butts off she was so cute.
Now last week sil did cook one and they said it was the best chicken they ever had. When sil was processing it he told DD to keep the kids out of the yard, well the 4yr wasn't having it at all and she went out and was helping process
I helped my dad when I was 5 or so. He hung them up by the feet. We cut the heads off. Our fave toy was a chicken foot. He showed us how to move the toes by pulling the stringy thingy.

i think its good to teach them were food comes from. dh and i both deer hunt and fish, but we only kill if we intend to eat it, so no trophy hunting, just good eatin'!
My dad hunted and fished and it was always a big deal when he brought us food that way. I grew up loving to fish and my hubby hunts. I would hunt but it's too cold here during the season.

I think children should all learn first hand where their food comes from.
That's great
All of our kids 11, 6 and 2 years old help process our chickens. Yes, even our 2yr old helps. Once my husband whacks the heads with the axe and lets the chickens go my 2yr old is off and running
trying to catch them to bring them back to the scalding pot. I'm proud that we've taught our children where their food comes from and that our animals have lived the best lives possible.

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