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    I was raised at my Grandmothers house. Her name by her Grandchildren was " NoNo ". NoNo was quite a lady. Pistol toting, cattle ranching, rice farming, tough, to say the least, country gal. Her dining room table was almost mystical while growing up. Breakfast was what ever you wanted just like a short order kitchen. Everyone was special. I don't know how she did it. She did have a set of blue willow china that was drug out for holidays, but for every day dishes there were no two that matched. When she would find a bowl or plate she liked, in the cabinet it went. My favorite plate was heavy, with white center with Navaho print around the outside.

    To just say this table was large would be a great understatement. With both leaves it would seat 20 easily. Round and oval, on a pedastal. At lunch time it was always set for 10. It was widely known that at noon anybody was welcome. NoNo religiously rang a small brass bell that hung by the back door. Time to eat! There was absolutely NO TELLING who might be there at that table. Senators, congressmen, newsreporters, magazine and newspaper.( Rich family history.) Always foreign exchange students, soldiers away from home and families with not so much. College friends of grandkids. Visitors from many countries. It was a wonderful place to learn about the world!

    NoNo passed away 20 years ago. She had given me a hand written note witnessed by 2 people, leaving her dining table to me. After her funeral, as often happens, another cousin took the table. I called my Aunt to let her know that the table was supposed to come to me, and told her about the note. She informed me that she would tell my cousin and that she knew she would be so very dissapointed as she was tickled to have it. Upon reflecting I called my Aunt back and told her that my cousin could keep it, I had many benifits living with NoNo that the others didn't. I asked my Aunt to let me know if she ever decided she didn't want it anymore. Inside I was crushed.

    Fast forward 20 years. I recieved a phone call and my cousin has passed away. My Aunt saved the table for me. I am going to drive 10 hours round trip tomorrow to pick it up.

    A huge piece of my family memories will be coming home. [​IMG]
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    I'm glad you posted that. Made me smile. And I need something
    to smile about today.

    Made me think of my own grandmother, the times spent at her
    kitchen table. Shining times...
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    Awww, what a heartwarming story. [​IMG]
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    Absolutely beautiful story. You gave many of us our smiles for the day:) Enjoy all the new memories you make 'round your Nono's table while you share your stories of this marvelous lady. ~G
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    Sorry to hear about your cousin, but your Aunt sounds like a wonderful thoughtful person. Sounds like Nono did a good job with her kids. How nice for you that the memory is coming home. [​IMG]
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    This story put goose bumps on my knee caps and a nice warm feeling in my heart.
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    And you gave us a hint of what a fine person you are by telling us that you let your cousin keep the table. In many families, that table would have become the start of WWIII! But you took the high road, and in the end, the table is coming home to you, with a load of wonderful memories and no fights to blemish them. Enjoy your table, and your memories!
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    Quote:[​IMG] x2
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    Good deeds return to us. Karma is out there so foster all the good that you can. Your long wait was rewarded and now you and that historic table will tell many tales in the future about a special part of your past. Congratulations!! Please drive safely [​IMG] [​IMG]
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