Grandpa with Tuberculosis - ENTIRE FAMILY EXPOSED

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    Feb 27, 2008
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    Early this morning (around 6 am) my Grandpa calls and asks to speak to my husband. I thought this was strange, but didn't think much of it since people call him for minor medical advice a lot since he is a paramedic. Well, after getting off the phone with him, my husband tells me that Grandpa has been diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB). He had been sick for a while and the doctors were actually thinking it was lung cancer since he has been a smoker all his life basically. Well, tests came back positive for TB and all of his symptoms fit. He's been placed in quarantine with my Grandmother until his symptoms reside. If they have to leave the house, they must wear a hepa mask.

    The problem is that we (the ENTIRE) family spent a weekend together at the beach 2 weeks ago (during that horrible rain storm that flooded everything) and we were cooped up in the beach house with him all weekend long. We all were able to go because Grandpa paid for all of us to go. He was walking around coughing. The family ate and drank at every meal, sat on the porch together, watched TV... all with TB bacteria floating around everywhere. So, now his doctor wants all of us to get a skin test and get treated if we come back positive for TB exposure. So, James and I have been at the health department this morning getting our skin test. We have to go back Wednesday morning to get it read, and then go back in another 2 weeks for another skin test. They advised us to stay at home until our skin tests can be read.

    It's been a mess. It so not Grandpa's fault, but just an unfortunate series of events. I'm worried... several older folks were present, young kids, and my pregnant cousin were all there. Please remember us.
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    How did he even catch that?
    It seems like its making a comeback or something...
    Is there a vaccine for it?
  3. Imp

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    Just be thankful it is treatable now a days. I've known people who were confined to sanitariums back in the 50s. Not pleasant.

    Imp- make sure everyone exposed is tested.
  4. greenfamilyfarms

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    Feb 27, 2008
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    Quote:We asked the same questions. He's an old retired veteran, so we don't know if he got it while in the military and now that he's older it has surfaced or what. We asked about what the treatments were if any of us tested positive and the health department said there is a pill we could take unless it was flared up, and in that case, you have to get shots in your stomach similar to what they do for people exposed to rabies. I'm terrified. Wednesday can't get here soon enough.

    I've already contacted all of my instructors (since I have college courses on Tuesday) to let them know I won't be in class.
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    Oh wow, sorry you are going through all this! Hope everyone tests out negative! That kind of exposure to that many folks is dangerous. Will pray for all of you [​IMG]
  6. Imp

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    Quote:You get it by being around people who have it. very contagious. Around here the health dept has authority to lock people up if they have active TB, until it is resolved
    Yes there are new strains that are resistant to treatment, and it is making itself more of a problem.
    I don't think there is a vaccine, but it can be treated.

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    Sorry to hear that I pray that you all dont have it!! But thats terriable hope Grandpa and Grandma will be okay ... Keep us posted on how all goes!![​IMG]
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    Not all TB is treatable, there are strains that are resistant. Your whole family needs to be tested, x-rayed and placed on prophylactic medication in order to decrease the likeliness of infection. You will also require re-testing a certain intervals. You should address this IMMEDIATELY with your family physician. In the meantime any coughs from your family members need to be coughed/sneezed into a tissue, carefully disposed of and treated as though infectious just in case. Please make sure if you touch your mouth/nose you are using constant hand-washing.

    Kristen (registered respiratory nurse)
  9. greenfamilyfarms

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    Quote:Thank you!!! X-Rays are probably coming up later this week.
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    blessings and prayers from my family to yours. I hope all goes well and maybe he at the time of the beach weekdn get away didn't have it all the rest of you will be fine. So crossing my fingers and yes thank goodness its treatable now a days. loads of hugs

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