Granite Grit 50# for $9

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    I had been paying Tractor Supply five dollars for a five pound bag of granite grit.
    I was at my feed store and asked them if they sold grit. Their answer was yes.
    I bought fifty pounds of granite grit for nine dollars.

    Check your local feed store and ask for or ask them to order:
    Gran-I-Grit by Stonemo, Mount Airy
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    Yes, I keep saying to check local yellow pages for feed store or feed mill. Things are much cheaper at them and better quality than TSC. I buy 20% layer for $10.00 at my feed store and I think grit is about what you pay also. I do not buy it much as mine free range.
  3. Akane

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    Jun 15, 2008
    It takes me so long to go through 50lbs of grit I don't even remember what it costs but I'm pretty sure it's less than $9. Most places have their own local brand of granite grit. A local feed store instead of a chain will be able to get it for you cheaper. Same with shavings and feed. A local brand is going to be cheaper than hunting down something that gets shipped half way across the country in a nationwide chain. They are also more willing to order things for you.
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    I am also able to buy grit for around $9 for 50 lbs. Yes it is MUCH cheaper than the 5 lb bags. I also buy oyster shell for around $9 for 50lbs. This is going to last a very long time for my 17 pullets. I have only used a little bit of each in the last three months, I would guess 3 to 5 lbs of each. Both are available in separate feeders 24 hours a day free choice.

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