Granite Grit for Chicks


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12 Years
Apr 14, 2009
We're putting the babies outside sometime this week, and I was wondering if it would be safe to give them granite grit yet. I've heard there's calcium in it, and that it's too big for baby chicks. Is it small enough for six-week-olds? And will it hurt them to give whatever calcium is in the big girl grit?

One reason I'm wondering if we can switch to granite grit is because the pet bird grit we've been giving them, although it seems to be doing it's job, it seems as though they certainly go through quite a bit of it. How much grit should I be expecting them to use?

You can get chick grit, it's ground finer than grit for the big girls. They need it if eating anything other than crumbles. I think the ratio is 1:20 for the food but I just sprinkle it in the feed or on the ground.
Do you by any chance know if Mills Fleet Farm carries chick grit?
Heh-heh. Silly me. I just Googled Mills Fleet Farm...they're only in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. Sorry!
I guess I was thinking everyone had Fleet Farms.
Thanks for your help, joedie! I just wish we had a TSC closer to our house!

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