Granny's gone and done it again


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Apr 23, 2015
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Im a water baby. I have always loved being near it.
Me too. Probably one of the many reasons I feel off in this state.
We only have a seasonal creek. The drought is really hitting CA.
Sad thing is our doctors are all telling us the wrong advice.
Doctors themselves can’t decide on the “right advice”
I ate potatoe chips after I had my wisdom Teeth out
I sucked a hershey bar through a straw after my teeth were pulled. hahahaa
Yes, watched it on the weather channel. They said just what you need for those fires. This storm is supposed to cover most of California. I hope you all do get some. I know it's needed, like here. We've been getting a lot!!
It gonna rain??!
I'm fortunate to hardly ever have a headache. Once every two or three years or so if that often
Lucky ducky.
Okay. Here is the longer version:

Basically, there is a project for breeding swine and one for marketing swine. I am in breeding swine, but plan to join marketing swine. Marketing swine is where you show off your pigs and basically sell them. For breeding swine, all the pigs that have been bred will be having piglets over Christmas break.

Then, people get to choose their pigs once they are a few weeks old. I never really intended to join the 4H for swine, but our neighbor was leading it 🤣
Ohh hubs did swine for 4h when he was younger. Just think of the bacon!


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Hey Granny, how are you today?
My son Robert and family will be coming to visit in 2 weeks. I dread the cleaning. He wanted to bring their intact male boxer with them. And they have not even leash trained it. It is full grown. That would be just too much with 4 kids. And Mini doesn't like strange dogs.

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