grapenut cereal for chicks?

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  1. good morning everyone ... my chicks are almost 6 weeks old and wondering if I can give them grapenut cereal? they've only been eating starter food and I guess its time to give them something new [​IMG] ... thanks!!!

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    I don't know about processed cereal; its usually not very good for humans so I doubt it is good for chicks! There was a study done some years back where one group of lab rats were fed only a commercial breakfast cereal and the other group was fed only the shredded box that the cereal came in. The rats fed the box lived longer than the ones fed cereal! Just say no to processed foods when you can. Thats what I'm going to do for my chickens. I'm by no means an expert. I'll be interest to see what others say...
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    I suggest that you offer them some uncooked oatmeal, plain oats, NOT the instant type with sugar & flavorings.
  5. thanks for the advice ... its our first time raising chicks ... the website for treats is very helpful [​IMG]

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    My first question for folks who want to give chickens human food is usually "why"?

    Chick starter until they're older, grower if you choose after 6 weeks, then layer when they're laying is all they need, EXCEPT fresh forage, veggies, etc. If they dont' get out to forage, you should bring them greens, veggies, table scraps, etc, but they don't need "treats" ( treats make us feel good-- they just get hooked on junk food and forage less), etc.

    Not trying to cause an argument-just wondering why you'd want to give chicks cereal-- especially where it's so dang expensive [​IMG]

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    We have 6 week old Rocks and we give them organic rolled oats and organic baby spinach (which we chop up a bit first) as treats. I sprinkle the oats in their brooder so they can actively scratch around for them all day. I've also given them worms from the backyard as a special treat every so often. We had one chick who was very shy so I started giving her an organic raisin cut in half anytime I went to pick her up so she would be more willing to hop into my hand--but I would save the raisins for very special occassions as they are pretty much just pure fruit sugar.

    I also agree about not giving the chicks any processed cereals--even though Grape Nuts has a reputation as being pretty healthy for humans it doesn't seem like they would get any benefits from it that they aren't already getting from their own feed.

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