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Grapes and her kittens

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by 3 Leopards, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. 3 Leopards

    3 Leopards In the Brooder

    Jan 7, 2013
    Here are some pictures of One of my cats, Grapes (don't ask, my little 3 years old niece named her a year ago when she was a kitten) and her three kittens.

    Now to start off I will say that Grapes was never meant to get pregnant, as both her mother, and grandmother had a history of being notoriously bad mothers.

    This little journey started a little over 5 months ago, when we agreed to cat-sit our nieghbors male cat Big Dave, knowing full well he was intact and knowing that Grapes still needed to be spayed we kept Big D and Grapes seperate (Grapes being our only fully indoor cat) We never actually knew Grapes was in heat, as we expected her to be a loud caller like her mother was, but no, she never even did the flirty cat rolling.

    we went out to dinner one night never once aware that Big Dave knew how to open doors [​IMG]

    we came home a few hours later, and Big Dave and Grapes were laying on the couch together, we immediately seperated them again, but as we would soon find a couple of weeks later the damage had already been done.

    Big Dave went home, fully aware that he would not be made to pay child support, and a few weeks at around 4 weeks along Grapes began to round out with her pregnancy belly.

    well, Grapes got bigger...and bigger...and bigger...and bigger, she seemed to double in size every other day.

    Until finally on October 2nd Grapes had her kittens....all NINE of them [​IMG]

    Grapes was the first and ONLY cat I'ver known to have NINE kittens and have them all be born alive and well.

    We were pleasantly surprised to find that, unlike Grapes' mother who would drop her kittens, then walk off and be gone for days (the reason Grapes was the sole survivor out of her own 5 littermates) that Grapes was actually a fairly good mother, albeit probably not quite sure what to do with so many kittens.

    out of the nine kittens there were 8 boys, and 1 lonely little girl [​IMG]
    7 of them orange, like their father Big Dave and 2 white ones

    this is where the story gets kind of sad, for whatever reason the kittens started dying, one by one it seemed. we took Grapes to the vet, she had plenty of milk, we took the kittens to the vet and the vet passed them all off as being healthy.

    The two white ones died first, then the orange ones until finally at 5 weeks old we were left with just three out of the nine kittens. Two boys and the single little girl.

    and here we are today, the kittens (named Sampson, Gilly and Bet(the girl) )

    they are now 14 weeks old, and while Grapes now sees them more as playmates and things to beat up on rather than her kids, she's still an excellent mother.

    Grapes has also been spayed.

    [​IMG] Grapes the mother

    [​IMG]Bet, the only girl

    [​IMG]Gilly the bully of the three

    and Sampson who looks just like his father Big Dave.

    It's nearly time for Gilly and Sampson to go to their new homes, but I have a feeling that Bet will be staying right here. One thing about her is that growing up with two Rough and tumble brothers means that she has learned to hold her own, and it has actually made her something of a bit of a grouch [​IMG]

  2. Poultrybonkers

    Poultrybonkers Crowing

    Mar 22, 2011
    My cat had kittens back in july as shes an outdoor cat (spayded now) had a litter of 6 one died a few hours later as it inners were out the others were healthy all where black and white males 4 went to new homes and I kept one as hes thinks hes a chicken. :).

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