Grapes, Strawberries and Other Berries (Ohio)


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Feb 21, 2011
My family has always wanted to have a patch of berries in the garden, and I figured now that we're getting chickens we might as well give this a try as well

I found an article on growing grapes -->

one on growing strawberries -->

no article will ever give better advice and feedback than people who grow and have grown them. Is it too hard to be a backyard hobby or do you recommend it? How much time do you spend on tending and how hard is it to set up? Any advice on arbors or anything else?

I don't know where you are located so some things I cannot comment on. Where you are will influence it. If you look at the bottom of this page, there is a sister forum called TheEasyGarden that has some people pretty good with this type of question. Of course, just like this site with chickens, we are mostly enablers over there and will encourage you to go for it.

Chickens love grapes. It is hilarious to watch a chicken stand under a grapevine and jump straight up a foot or more to snag the grapes. I find grapes pretty easy to grow. You do have to put some work in ahead of time to build the arbor and train the grape vine. There are many different ways to build an arbor. Get as conplicated and elaborate or as simple as you wish. You do need to prune them, but that is not all that hard and it is only a few minutes a year. You may have certain diseases or insects you may need to protect them from. Depends on where you are. Japanese beetles are my major headache with grapes. They do love grapes. Overall, I put grapes as pretty easy.

Chickens love strawberries. But even more, they love to scratch anywhere you put mulch and strawberries need to be mulched. Unless you keep chickens out of strawberries, they will destroy them by scratching even more than eating. There are different ways to grow strawberries so it is hard to comment too much on them. I put them medium to hard compared to other berries, mainly because of the weeding, the way I grow them. I'm sure there are techniques that could be easier.

Hope this helps.
We grow grapes they're in between us and the neighbors, they need air flow or they mold(the plant) prob the fruit too. We only have 4 plants, enough for us...
we grow strawberries, in raised beds, a 12X12 foot bed. then a 4X4 foot ontop of that one. (50 ,maybe)
and we grow blueberries, (9 bushes)which are really close to the chickens and they loved them...when they're in bloom, they're hanging in our bushes, not under...
all of these plants/bushes have been established for years now and for the past 8-10 yrs, we've been getting some great stuff, sometimes the birds get it B4 we do...Regular'll need to net everything. it's not hard, just time comsuming...
I'm in upstate NY, near albany. we also have toms, beans, flowers, i'll tried alot of different things, just have fun and do what you can, not b/c you HAVE TO!!!

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