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    Something dug into my coop/ run last night and killed all 11 of my 10wk old chickens!! I need help figuring out what it was. Some lost their heads, some have bloody necks and one has a skinned head. Please help me figure out what kind of predator I am dealing with. Whatever it was dug 4 holes under the barn wall to get into the coop/ run. Where you see the birds all piled up - directly under them is a hole that was big enough to pull one through...(we do have 1 that is completely missing)...but it seems as if whatever it was tried to pull 5 birds through at once. 2 other birds were pulled out of 2 more holes (one was missing a head and one's head was skinned). 1 bird was found next to the 4th hole. There were 4 holes... 2 not more than 1 1/2 inches diameter....1 probably 2 inches diameter and the other 3 inches diameter... Our baby rooster was found away from the holes and sort of by himself. All were in a fully enclosed coop / run. The only holes are in the GROUND on the barn side. And the smaller holes are probably 18 inches out from the wall. The biggest hole had 5 birds piled on topof it.

    This is was our baby rooster:



    This hole is about 18 inches out from the barn wall...and on the other side of the fence that you see is a 3 foot wide x 1 foot deep concrete slab. The hole's other side is in the barn:


    This chicken was pulled out of a hole in the ground (you can just barely see the hole to the left and slightly above the chicken's head) that was only wide enough for it's head and neck (all feathers are gone from the head and neck - looks skinned):

    Thank you for your help!
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  2. Raccoon. Sorry for your loss [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] That's stinks .. I'm so sorry.
  4. Were any eaten (missing)?
  5. Whoops, double post.
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    i saw where weasels did what looked like that to a friends entire pigeon building once ...
    that is soooo sad. We're sorry for your loss!
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    Quote:That's kinda what I thought but 3 of the holes would be impossible for a coon to get through. We're talking about 1 that is about 2 feet away from the wall and dug underground and only as big as the chicken's head around.

    Another hole is about 18 inches long but makes a sharp 90 degree turn to go around an obstacle...and again not even big enough to pull a bird through.

    And the one that the bird's head is skinned is more like a snake hole...

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    Quote:5 are headless, 5 are bloody necked and 1 is missing.
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    Quote:Are there weasels in Ohio???
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    This is so tragic! Sorry for your loss. This is making me glad I put a wooden bottom on my chicken tractor (thereby losing the tractor part, but safe chickens!)

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