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  1. My pullets eye was swollen for a couple of days but there was no pus. Two days ago I caught her and saw a grass seed poking out of her eye with a lot of pus surrounding it. My dad mangled to pull it out but now her eyes more swollen. I have no pics but will take some tomorrow.
    Home remedys anyone? I don't have a very good tolerance for pus for blood[​IMG]
    She won't stop scratching it but she is alert, follows the others, eats and drinks like normal
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    If you had or could get some antibiotic eye drops, that would help. Otherwise, put her in a clean pen, away from the others, and keep it dark for a couple of days to give her time to heal. Of course, she may just heal on her own without help from you, they have an amazing ability to recover from injury.

    Good luck!
  3. I've just left the house but when I get home, I will check her out and see if I can get a dark pen set up for her. Thanks very much!

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